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Prevent Unwanted and Harassing Comments on Instagram with Censorgram

By : BGG Staff on Thursday, October 30, 2014 | 11:22 AM

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jay Leopardi and Quinton Aaron have teamed up for the release of the free mobile app known as Censorgram. The new app allows users to prevent unwanted, harmful and harassing messages on Instagram. The app works by auto-scanning for negative comments and deleting and blocking the worst for the chose Instagram account. Read on to learn more.

In light of Anti-bullying Awareness month, the Censorgram app is now available to all smartphone users to prevent cyber bullying on Instagram amongst many other things. Censorgram is true “Social Security” The app enables users to delete comments and even ban Instagram users that post bullying or any unwanted comments on one’s photo.

Censorgram is perfect to use for parents, children, teenagers, and even businesses that have Instagram accounts. After downloading the app to a smartphone, comments can be filtered out by searching a keyword, phrases, username, hashtag, or photo. Once they are added, the app scans through the chosen Instagram account and gives the option to delete and/or ban everything containing those keywords.

Branding Expert Jay Leopardi, CEO of Bad Boy Branding and The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron aka “Big Mike” are two of the masterminds behind entrepreneur, David Liebensohn, co-founder of Censorgram. Quinton adds, “Parents can also get a notification of what people are trying to send to their child,” making the app useful to parents who wish to monitor their children on social media. Quinton Aaron serves as an advocate for anti-bullying and makes a point to promote Censorgram to be used by everyone.

Censorgram is an automated comment and user control app for Instagram used to auto scan/delete/block negativity, spam or Cyber bullying. Download for free now on Itunes or Google Play. It’s the ultimate in-app purchase to unlock automated scans and notifications. For more information, follow Censorgram on Twitter and Instagram. The app will be coming to all social media soon!

For more information on the app, check out the official Censorgram Facebook page.

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Kicker KPw Bluetooth Speaker (Accessory Review)

By : Amanda Dyar on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 | 11:39 AM

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kicker audio company has announced the brand new KPw Bluetooth speaker for use on the go. The company has been in the audio business since the 1970s, and the KPw Bluetooth speaker combines many of the innovations the company has made over the years into a high quality speaker that is ideal for music lovers that like to get out and exercise daily. The device is compatible with any Bluetooth device and is easy to install and use. The speakers price range places it among the most expensive portable speakers, but its excellent design and high quality audio production means owners will not need to invest in similar products for a very long time.

The Kicker KPw Bluetooth speaker features a fantastic design that makes it an ideal choice to use when biking, hiking, going to the gym or performing other outdoor and sporting activities. The device weighs in at just over a pound and is similar in size to a water bottle. The unique shape of the speaker allows it to fit nearly anywhere from a cupholder to a side pouch on a backpack. Additionally, the speaker comes with built-in rubber guides and perforated grating that makes it easy to pick up and ensures the device will hold in place once it has been set down. It's also worth noting that the device has an IPX rating of 5, which ensures the device will be safe when used during tasks where sweat, drinks or splashes of water may occur.

The Kicker KPw Bluetooth speaker is easy to unpack and install. Owners simply need to remove the speaker from its packaging, plug-in to charge and use the sync button to have it recognized by nearby Bluetooth devices. The speaker can instantly begin streaming music from Bluetooth devices, and setup is easy for compatible speakerphones as well. The speaker can answer phone calls hands free and offers even more flexibility for users when answering a cellphone isn't practical.

The Kicker KPw Bluetooth speaker's design is not just ideal for getting the most in safety and comfort out of the device, but its aesthetic choices are pleasing to the eye as well. The KPw comes in two color choices of white and black or black and yellow. The speaker's built-in battery ensures users can get 10 hours of uninterrupted playback when in use as well. Most importantly, the sounds produced by the speaker are high quality with built-in drivers and bass radiators that get booming sounds out of the small sized speaker. Assuming the device fits your budget, the Kicker KPw Bluetooth speaker is the best portable speaker your money can buy.

Kicker's KPw Bluetooth Speaker is now available from most major retailers and can be purchased for $149.99. For more information on the product, check out the official Kicker KPw Bluetooth Speaker website.

Accessory Features:
  • Portable, Lightweight Design
  • Black and White Color Options
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • 10 Hours of Playback with Lithium Battery
  • Speakerphone Capabilities

Score: 10 out of 10

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Nimble VR Announces Campaign For Nimble Sense

By : Amanda Dyar on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 | 2:36 PM

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nimble VR has announced the launch of their new campaign for Nimble Sense which will be the first depth sensing camera that enables the use of hands in virtual reality. Read on.

Today, Nimble VR, a virtual reality technology company, launched a Kickstarter campaign for Nimble Sense, the first depth sensing camera designed to enable the use of hands in virtual reality. The Nimble Sense creates the simple experience of having hands in VR by applying time-of-flight depth sensing technology and the world’s most robust skeletal hand tracking software.

With its wide 110 degree field of view, the Nimble Sense camera is optimized for virtual reality interaction for the Oculus Rift DK2 and other upcoming head mounted displays. The camera system and a bracket for attaching to an Oculus Rift DK2 are now available on Kickstarter for $99 to early backers.

“The power of virtual reality puts you into a different world, and now with Nimble Sense you can bring your hands with you” said Robert Wang, a Founder of Nimble VR. “Anywhere you look you will be able to see and use your hands with a new generation of games and applications designed to let you naturally interact in virtual reality.”

Nimble VR is working with developers to create experiences for hands in virtual reality using the simplicity of camera-based hand tracking. Software developers can use the free Nimble VR SDK and Unity toolkits to invent new experiences in virtual reality from ultra-realistic 3D manipulation to giving gamers super powers.

“When you create realistic VR games, users are going to want to reach out and interact just like they do in the real world,” said Blair Renauld, developer of future dystopias and the VR game Technolust. “I’ve tried just about every VR control scheme out there, and I have to say that the Nimble Sense is by far the most promising I’ve tried so far.”

“This degree of interactivity is essential for experiences like Ethereon where puzzles are the backbone of the game design and require an intricate level of interaction,” said Tony Davidson, developer of the VR game, Ethereon now on Kickstarter. “With only a few basic commands I'm able to define the interactions needed for a given puzzle by using the provided SDK - no other technology offers the ease of use or more natural form of interaction than the Nimble Sense - for both user and developer.”

“Having your hands in there with you in virtual reality takes immersion to a completely new level” said Ryan Anderson, developer of the horror VR sensation Spectre. “I'm excited by how much scarier Spectre can become when you can literally reach out with your undead hands and steal the souls of your victims.”

To see the Nimble Sense camera in action and demonstrations with Technolust, Ethereon, Spectre and a wide range of experiences visit the project on Kickstarter.

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Olympus Reveals New DP27 and DP22 Digital Cameras

Olympus have announced the new DP27 and DP22 digital cameras with Full-HD resolution. Read on.

Life-like digital microscopy is now a reality with the DP27 and DP22 digital cameras from Olympus. Both cameras deliver fluid imaging at Full-HD resolution via a USB 3.0 interface, and enable easy optimisation for each and every application with three distinct modes. With the next generation of Olympus digital microscopy camera, researchers can enjoy visualisation on a monitor that is virtually identical to that of the oculars.

Building upon the existing innovations of the Olympus digital camera portfolio, the new cameras offer a detailed Full-HD live image, with 30 fps for the DP22 and 22 fps for the DP27. The progressive readout subsequently ensures a fluid and true-to-life experience, ideal for both analysis and viewing comfort. Moreover, when precise focusing of intricate samples is necessary, the DP27 can provide a fast 15 fps live image at 5 megapixels, allowing the user to effectively zoom in directly on the display.

Based on individual needs, the user is able to choose a “High-Fidelity mode” to generate images which are true to the oculars, or a “Normal mode” with enhanced colours ideal for pale stained samples or for clearly presenting to an audience. When using phase-contrast, a dedicated “Cell Culture” mode is also available to produce a balanced image, free from the typical fringes produced by this illumination technique. Whichever mode is chosen, the new cameras are designed for ease of use and boast an automatic “white point” balance. Regardless of illumination conditions, colours generated are always perfectly balanced and devoid of any colour cast – without the need to constantly adjust the camera parameters or correct images post-acquisition.

Addressing specific requirements, both cameras deliver their full image quality also in a stand-alone configuration, with the new DP2-SAL controller directly connecting the camera to a monitor. With no dedicated computer, this compact controller simplifies image acquisition yet still provides powerful features like movie recording with audio, or control via a touch-screen. Ready to use in seconds from power-on, the controller also provides automatic image calibration and enables quick, reliable measurements to be easily exported to Microsoft Excel. Images can either be saved locally to any USB connected storage media or in a shared folder via a network connection.

Improving the quality and efficiency of digital microscope cameras, the DP27 and DP22 models enable an experience almost indistinguishable from the oculars with brilliant, Full-HD live images and high-resolution capture, while the DP2-SAL controller provides unmatched convenience and ease of use. For further information please visit

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Jennifer Hudson Joins Lineup For The Concert for Valor On November 11

The Concert for Valor is a free concert that is set to air on HBO on Veterans Day on November 11th. Jennifer Hudson has joined the amazing lineup that includes The Black Keys, Eminem and many more. Read on.

Jennifer Hudson has joined the music lineup of THE CONCERT FOR VALOR, the free concert to honor the courage and sacrifice of America’s veterans and their families. To be hosted by HBO, Starbucks Coffee Company and Chase, THE CONCERT FOR VALOR will be presented live from the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on HBO this Veterans Day, TUESDAY, NOV. 11 (7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT). Hudson joins a previously confirmed live music lineup that includes The Black Keys, Eminem, Dave Grohl, Jessie J, Metallica, Rihanna, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood and Zac Brown Band. The concert will also feature onstage hosts Jack Black, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, John Oliver and Bob Woodruff, and special tributes by Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon. The live event will be executive produced by Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks and Joel Gallen, who will also direct.

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