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Giveaway: Win A Copy of uRex DVD Ripper Platinum

By : Amanda Dyar on Monday, July 28, 2014 | 10:06 AM

Monday, July 28, 2014

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum (read review) is now available and we are giving readers a chance to win their very own copy for free! uRex DVD Ripper Platinum allows users to back up their DVD collections they own with ease and you can win a copy by entering today. Read on to learn more.

To enter, send an email to with the subject line "uRex DVD Ripper Platinum." We will notify the winner by email with instructions for redeeming their copy.

About uRex DVD Ripper Platinum

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum is a powerful, fast and stable DVD ripping software that works well on Windows (including windows 8.1/8). With this ideal DVD converter, you can easily rip protected DVD collections to AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, M4V, MPG, WebM, etc. Or convert any DVD movies to iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Android, Sony, Nokia, HTC smartphones, tablets. Playback DVD on latest release devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S/5C , HTC One M8 and more.

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum is now available and can be purchased for $34.95 exclusively on PC. For more information on the software, check out the official uRex DVD Ripper Platinum website.

Software Features:

  • Removes Any DVD Protections
  • Converts to Most Formats
  • Extract Sound and Music Files
  • Video Editing Tools
  • Quickly Convert and Download Files

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Belkin NetCam HD+ (Accessory Review)

By : Amanda Dyar on Friday, July 25, 2014 | 4:15 PM

Friday, July 25, 2014

Belkin has introduced a new product known as the NetCam HD+. The device isn't spectacular as a camera alone, but the device is compatible with Belkin's WeMo app and comes with a number of other features that allow users to keep an eye on their home when at work, on vacation or otherwise away from those they care about most. The camera works together with apps and support services to allow users to view a room in their home through their phone or tablet, even at night with a night vision filter. The device and apps works together to give piece of mind to pet owners, parents, adults looking to check in on their elderly parents or home owners just wanting to make sure they turned off the stove.

Belkin's NetCam HD+ comes packed with plenty of great features right out of the box. Users can expect to have an easy time setting up and installing the new camera. The NetCam app is a quick download available for free on mobile devices. After the download is complete, users will then hook the NetCam HD+ to an available outlet and connect to the camera's Wi-Fi signal. There are a few more steps involved with easy-to-follow on-screen instructions on the NetCam app, and then the device is ready to go. Users will love the ability to easily open the app and see what is happening in a given room of their home with NetCam HD+, and some of the other nice features for the camera include a night vision filter, a push to talk button for two-way conversations and free emails to the user when motion is detected by the camera. All of this is handled over secure servers with the Belkin company so that no information or embarrassing content is leaked to other users.

NetCam HD+ offers plenty of user options that are friendly for consumers. The NetCam app is currently available on both ions and Android devices to offer users the same experience across a multitude of devices. Another option is to use the camera in conjunction with other Belkin WeGo supported devices for even more flexibility and features. Belkin also offers exclusive Cloud+ Premium Services for Netcam HD+ that offers even more features including online video storage that keeps track of hundreds of videos without the need to transfer content to another device. NetCam HD+ comes packed with a free 30-day trial to Cloud+, and users will find easy payment plans to continue enjoying the services with 1 month, 3 month and 1 year subscriptions. The subscription charge can add up, but for users looking to capture and save the content contained on their NetCam HD+, the price is worth what Belkin is charging.

It's difficult to put a price on peace of mind, but that's just what Belkin is offering customers with NetCam HD+. The new release offers innovations over Belkin's original model including, most notably, improved picture quality. NetCam HD+ works with several other apps and services offered through Belkin to give the camera loads of good features that makes it a value for those that just can't help but worry what is going on at home when out at work or on vacation. It would be nice if Belkin offered cloud storage for videos for free, but the option to store and edit tons of videos online is worth what the company is charging users, and the flexible payment options are a nice customer friendly touch. Look for NetCam HD+ from Belkin today!

For more information on the Belkin NetCam HD+, check out the official Belkin website.

Accessory Features:
  • 720P HD Recording
  • Night Vision Filter
  • Built-In Microphone for Two-Way Conversations
  • WeMo Connectivity
  • Optional Cloud+ Premium Services

Score: 10 out of 10

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Linksys Wireless USB Adapter AC 1200 (Accessory Review)

Linksys is one of the most well known and well respected companies in the Internet accessory industry. The company has been around since the late 1980s, so it's no reason why Linksys seems to be able to constantly push out new products that always manage to be among some of the best in their respective fields. Linksys has now introduced the AC 1200 Wireless USB Adapter. The product offers stellar Internet speeds all across a user's home with plenty of options and settings to please advanced users. Users looking to boost the performance of their laptop's peak speeds will find the little adapter to be well worth the money invested to purchase it, and users won't find a better speed boosting accessory for their computer from any other company..

Linksys' AC 1200 Wireless USB Adapter is a very user friendly product. The adapter is roughly the size of a typical flash drive and features a USB 3.0 connection that means it will easily hook to nearly every computer out there while maintaining the highest speeds possible. It's small size also ensures users won't find the product too obtrusive, since it only sticks out about three inches from the USB port. There are two lights included on the adapter to show users when the device is connected to a wireless network and the other to show WPS activity.

Installing the Linksys AC 1200 Wireless USB Adapter is easy as well. The device comes packed in a box with only an adapter, disc and casing to hold both pieces. Users will need to first boot up the install disc, and click through just a few screens that are little more than end user license agreements and choosing a network. Users are then asked to choose a network to use with the AC 1200 Wireless USB Adapter, and the rest of the install is handled by the software.

Once the device is installed, users can customize a few settings for the device including security options to keep networks safe and secure for all users or choosing between 2.4 and 5 GHz settings. During our testing period with the product, we found that it does seem to perform better on the maximum 5 GHz setting, but as long as users remain in a certain range, the product will greatly increase Internet speed on either option. The Linksys AC 1200 Wireless USB Adapter comes with the promise of performing well at "Ultimate Range," but we found it's best to try and keep the device within the same home or about a 10 yard distance to keep the device boosting Internet speeds to its peak performance.

The Linksys AC 1200 Wireless USB Adapter is a sleek, easy-to-use and helpful product that will ensure users get peak performance out of their Internet and computer over a wireless network. The easy to install product makes setup a breeze, and users can always take the product with them after it has been installed to easily use in other Wifi hotspots. Internet speed and connectivity is one of the most important luxuries in today's world, and the Linksys AC 1200 Wireless USB Adapter will get the best performance out of their Internet and computer, so they can get on with their life.

For more information on the Linksys AC 1200 Wireless USB Adapter, check out the official Linksys website.

Accessory Features:
  • 2.4 or 5 GHz Dual Band Settings
  • Easy Install
  • Boosts Speeds at Long Distances
  • USB 3.0 Connection
  • Advanced Security Settings

Score: 9 out of 10

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Giveaway: Win A Copy of Ashampoo Photo Commander 12

By : Amanda Dyar on Friday, July 18, 2014 | 10:05 AM

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (read review) is now available for purchase for the low price of $49.99. We are now giving away five keys to our readers to claim their very own copy of Ashampoo Photo Commander 12! Read on to learn more and enter today for a chance to win Ashampoo Photo Commander 12.

To enter for a chance to win, please send an email to with the subject line "Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Giveaway."  We will pick five lucky readers and their code will be sent to them via email.

About Ashampoo Photo Commander 12
Reclaim control over your photo collection! Effortlessly browse through your photo collections and remove annoying image defects on the fly. Optimize color and contrast settings and make your photos shine. Get creative and bring your photos to life with professional image effects and surprise your friends with self-made calendars, collages and greeting cards.


  • No steep learning curve thanks to useful introduction windows and program wizards
  • Manage huge photo collections with intelligent column layouts
  • Automated backups for safe working
  • Extensive RAW support for high-end cameras
  • Organize photos with powerful filter and tagging features
  • Batch-copy, rename, move and convert photos
  • 1-click photo optimizer for excellent image quality
  • Perfect color tones with gradation curves
  • Add and design texts, arrows and other objects
  • Professional image effects, e.g. Oil Painting and Pencil Sketch
  • Turn photos into slideshows, calendars, collages, panoramas and greeting cards
  • Integrated uploader for Facebook, Picasa, Youtube and Ashampoo Webspace
To learn more, visit the official Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 website.

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Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 (Software Review)

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 is the newest photo editing and management software from Ashampoo. The company is based in Oldenburg, Germany and is a well known provider around the world for virus protection, photo and video editing programs and other related computer software. The newest release allows users to easily find, move, edit and otherwise interact with virtual photos contained on Windows PC computers. The software has plenty of great features that includes easy photo management tools, fast photo saves and downloads photo editing options and more. Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 is a good piece of software for photo enthusiasts that has the ability to perform a ton of different actions from a single program.

There's a good chance most users will already have their photos on their computer before purchasing a copy of Ashampoo Photo Commander 12, but the product does support imports, moves and ways to sort images with super fast download and upload speeds. Users can have the software search for images that would be considered lookalikes to help remove multiple copies of the same images, apply keywords to certain images for easy ways to bring up certain collections later or save images to a bunch of different supported formats including, but not limited to, Adobe Photoshop Documents to use with other programs.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 isn't the most cost efficient photo managing software on the market, and it doesn't have all of the power or features of some similar top of the line programs, but the software more than makes up for any shortcomings with a nice collection of features that will actually replace many different programs on a user's computer with a bevy of tools and customization options. Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 comes packed with ways to find and move or convert images, but users can also use a plethora of photo editing tools to perform actions such as correcting blurry images, removing red eyes or flipping photos to a desired angle. These options are perfect for users looking to touch up old photos on their computers or for those images that just didn't have the right lighting or other desired effect. The software also supports video playback and has some tools for customizing video content for users interested in video editing.

Once an image has been found and edited, Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 allows users to do a lot of creative ideas with their new images. Tools for the software include ways to add new effects to images that can be fun, funny or even a little embarrassing depending on what the user is looking to add to the enhanced picture. Users can also create slideshows of vacations or special events or combine a group of images from different photo sets to create and print out a customized calendar or greeting cards. These neat features can save users a lot of time and money without having to import images to another piece of software or purchase custom calendars and greeting cards online from a separate company.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 doesn't exactly feature any tools or options not available in many other photo editing software, but it's available for a good price for the features it does offer and won't break the bank to be sure. Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 is Ashampoo's newest release for the brand, and it's the best photo editing software the company currently has to offer for its price. Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 is a great piece of software for not only saving and managing large photo collections, but it's also useful at editing images, creating custom projects with the pictures and much more. Look for Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 from Ashampoo today!

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 is now available and can be purchased for $49.99 exclusively for Windows PCs. For more information on the product, check out the official Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 website.

Software Features:
  • Quick Image Browsing with Photo Filters
  • Organize Tools Move, Sort and Copy Thousands of Photos in a Flash
  • Edit Photos to Fix Blurry Images, Red Eyes and More
  • Create Custom Calendars, Slideshows and Greeting Cards
  • 1-click Management Makes Customizing Content a Breeze

Score: 9 out of 10

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